Sodden Loneliness / Burning Isolation

Sodden Loneliness

It’s a lover’s love I cannot bear
a deep commitment I cannot share
we could lie forever and more
but what’s an apple without its core?

I look inside my watered-down soul
and see remnants of your spirit washed up on its shore
why can’t loneliness float like love?
trapped all alone on the bottom of the ocean
memories of you float to the surface in bubbles
but the light is so far and yet you are so near
if I call your name, would you be able to hear?

When we were one it wasn’t perfect
but now apart it’s never better
our hands are apart but our thoughts are together
they leave our windows and meet halfway
and swirl amongst the stars, forever

Guilt is God’s sharpest sword
it sears the skin and leaves a scar
and leaves the body unable to accord
it taints the flesh, contorts the soul
leaves the mind unable to lull


Burning Isolation

This room is where our memories lie
where we built our wonder
but living in a room is a lie
and once you heard the thunder
you left me here to die

I can’t go to sleep right
without you holding me tight
you said goodbye but never said goodnight

That night we met I thought I’d never let go,
but it seems like a wisp of silver light over snow
trapped as a memory in the graveyard of my mind
I want to let it out and shine
but you’re no longer mine.

I used to look up at the stars,
and think I could never die
but now when I see the constellations
I know it’s all a lie
a group of dots has no meaning,
each star is alone
burning in its own isolation


I thought Giovanni’s Room was beautifully written and decided it was best to converse with the text poetically.

The first poem is written from the perspective of David, reflecting on his time with Giovanni. In the first stanza, he talks about how he feels he cannot love a man. Then, in the next stanza, he expresses the loneliness he feels without Giovanni using water imagery ” e.g. memories of you float to the surface in bubbles.” Then in the third stanza there is a shift and he begins to  ruminate about his relationship with Giovanni and how “When we were one it wasn’t perfect // but now apart it’s never better”). Finally, he reflects on the guilt he feels about Giovanni’s execution (e.g. “guilt is God’s sharpest sword).

The second poem is written from the perspective of Giovanni, and reflects his  somewhat unrequited love with David. In this poem I tried to work with the room metaphor (e.g. “living in a room is a lie”). I also did my best to capture Giovanni’s heartbreakingly beautiful commitment to David.



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