A mother’s love

Pure love

Pure desire.



Clean, Natural.

Once upon a time a man

Once upon a time a woman

“live(d)” and were forgot.

“love(d)” and were immortal?

Once upon a time a mother

Once upon a time a daughter

“die(d)” and were remembered

lived, live, loved and were

Abnormal, dirty






This week I was intrigued by Tim Dean’s article on transgression, The Erotics of Transgression.  It immediately inspires the question what is transgression.  He touched upon certain taboos that are disturbing to most people.  Does engaging in an act that is considered taboo transgressive?  In this poem I touched upon an act that in most cultures would be considered taboo.  It is a relationship between mother and daughter that goes beyond socially acceptable limits.  It is not a relationship that is often talked about perhaps as much as a father’s abuse of a daughter or son.  What happens, however, when the relationship is not an abusive one but a mutually agreed upon and mutually enjoyable one?  A love between a mother and daughter that is too intimate becomes dirty and sinful perhaps, nonetheless part of transgression and taboo is the fact that it is desired by some or it would not be a taboo.  Additionally, what Dean discusses is a kind of breakaway from the ordinary when something is transgressive.  A part of the perhaps intended purpose of transgressive art is to go beyond the limit.  Going beyond this limit in a way then makes the act or art new and in a way immortal because of its originality.  Unlike the relationship between the man and woman that is natural and has been taking place since the beginning, a trangressive relationship creates the new limit and thus is important.

-Basil Hallward


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