My Queer Valentine: A Twitter Biblio-/Filmo-/Arto-/Popularography

Help Us Spread the PINK LOVE!

On Friday, February 15, 2013, our class will be tweeting all day long under the hashtag #queerlit.  Please join in and participate–we want your contributions!  Tweet and retweet as many times as you like, share on Facebook, Tumblr. etc.  

We will be tweeting

  • favorite queer authors’ names
  • favorite queer book titles
  • favorite queer film titles
  • favorite queer TV show titles
  • favorite queer artists
  • favorite queer art works
  • favorite queer moments in popular culture
  • favorite queer youtube videos
  • and so much more!

Feel free to include links to websites, films, clips, images etc.

JOIN US! Let’s see what giant list of queer stuff we can come up with together!

The results of this Twitter Biblio-/Filmo-/Arto-/Popularography will be published on this blog next week.  Feel free to leave us comments below, too.

See you in the Twitterverse–off you go to run to read and tweet and LOVE #queerlit!


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One response to “My Queer Valentine: A Twitter Biblio-/Filmo-/Arto-/Popularography

  1. After talking to a friend about this assignment she started to ask me about the things I put and I told her and some of the others that were mentioned. She then asked me about Frank Ocean. I know this is a little late, but what are people’s thoughts on Frank Ocean? He used his lyrics to come out to the world!


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